Holding my own in League D2.

The Triffid.

Late night breakfast.

29th April 2008

The daily commute.

Found a new restaurant - tomato and basil soup.


Waiting for Ms. X.

Helped Ms X. do some jobs in Clerkenwell.


An unusual name for moisturiser...

Ms X. treats me to a taco at El Paso for my help.

P is for Petals.

Zig-zag door at Monument.

Tube blur.

28th April 2008

An early start.

The daily commute.

A quiet Monday and a quiet night in catching up with The Doctor.

The paw is as good as new.

27th April 2008

30 year anniversary of Rock against Racism, sponsored by Carling. Fenced in with searches for alcohol so that everyone is forced by buy crap beer. Very disappointing...

Security was over the top to say the least...

Behind enemy lines.

No more fun for you Sonny.

What an ugly bugger.

It's a damp event.



Headgear of the day sported by M.

Balloon close up.




I know M can be a bit of a handful at times, but 15 cops to one toddler is a bit much.

Dead umbrella. :-)


C entertains the kids with a blossom shower.

Dead umbrella. :-)

1 pram + 2 kids = bloody hard work!

M and LJ.


Tricky to read the menu in this place.

C's daughter, S.

Wise words indeed.

It's that bus stop again...